Links Ladies League

Mission Statement

Provide a welcoming environment for golfers of all skill levels, to socialize in the spirit of friendship and community.


The Links Ladies League is a 9-hole league that operates on Monday afternoons & evenings (2:00 PM to 6:00 PM) from May until the end of August.

We play at the Links at Spruce Grove Golf Course, 100 Links Road Spruce Grove, Alberta.


Annual registration fee:

  • $125 (for 2023)

      • This fee includes a catered meal at the Fall Tournament, Four Fun Nights, and Prizes throughout the season.

Weekly Green Fee Rates (set by the Links Golf Course)

**MANDATORY Ladies League 10 Game Pass 2023**

  • Cost: $390 + GST (includes ten 9-hole walking green fees and ten $10 food vouchers)

  • Savings: By purchasing the Ladies League 10 Game Pass you will be saving $5 per round (12% savings)

  • Loyalty Points: You will receive 400 loyalty points with the purchase of the Ladies League 10 Game Pass. 400 points can be redeemed for one 9-hole walking green fee. Please see the League Benefits page for more information.

  • Tournaments: The 10 Game Pass cannot be used for the fall tournament.

  • Playing Restrictions up to July 31st: the 10 game pass can only be used on ladies league nights by ladies league members.

  • Playing Restrictions starting August 1st: If you have games left on the pass you will be able to use them any day of the week after 4:00 PM.

  • Expiration: The Ladies League 10 game pass expires at the end of the 2023 golf season.

  • Transferability starting August 1st: As of August 1st, to ensure that all 10 rounds get used, you may share the pass with players outside of the league. You will still be restricted in the time of day you can golf with it (see restrictions above), but you could bring a friend, partner, etc. that is not part of the league to golf with you.

If you use up all 10 games on your pass and need to pay the regular rate:

  • Green fees are set by the Links Golf Course. The golf course will update its prices at the start of the 2023 golf season. You can view what the 2022 rates were below.

Weekly Green Fees 2022

  • 9 holes walking: $44.00 + GST (includes 9-hole green fee and $10 food voucher)

  • 9 holes with cart: $57.50 + GST (includes 9-hole green fee, your seat on the power cart and a $10 food voucher)

  • ½ cart for 9 holes: $13.50 + GST (if you purchase the 10 game pass you may want to take the power cart still, you can pay the ½ cart fee and use your pass to take a cart for 9 holes)